Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ham and cheese stuffed pork loin

So... Someone suggested that i write a cookbook.  I'm gonna start by doing more of these step by step photos and adding the recipes at the bottom and you guys let me know how it goes.    

Ham and Cheese stuffed Pork loin 

in a heavy pot sauté the onions with some olive oil and some salt.

when the onions get a little brown add garlic. I added some bacon grease but thats optional.

Ham and cheese

Rolled up. (I guess if you really like mustard you can paint the inside of the roll ups too)

The mustard sauce and all my roll ups.

My pork loin.  Try not to cut to deep and not to cut through the sides, i prefer to cut the clean side and leave the fat side intact.  The slits are about 1 1/4 inch thick, this pork loin was good sized i was able to get 5 slits.

Spread mustard sauce all over first and then insert the ham and cheese in to the slits.  Tie it up long ways so it closes up tight.

Push the onions and garlic to the sides and sear the pork on all sides, i start with the cut side.   When finished searing add liquid.  Cover and finish in the oven.

I use a small meat thermometer in the middle of the center piece.  Take the pork out when it get 160, set aside covered to rest.

Reduce the sauce.

On the side i made some broccoli with garlic.

and some mashed yellow potatoes.

When your ready to serve pull the ham to the side and finish the cut.  There will always be a piece that does not have ham and cheese.  Hopefully you have someone at your table like my husband who eats it as his second piece and doesn't complain!!

1-2 Onions diced
4-8 Cloves of garlic
Olive oil

Mustard sauce
3 Tab. Deli or Dijon.  I mixed both.
1 Tab. olive oil
1/4 tea. Coriander

Roll ups
4-8 Baby Swiss cheese
4-8 Rosemary seasoned ham slices.  
       Can be any other flavor ham, I prefer a salty ham vs. a sweet one.

1 Pork loin
2 cups liquid.  Broth or wine, your choice.

325-350 for 1 1/2 hours

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