Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chicken and Dumplings

I was hoping it would be colder out when I made this meal but this mild winter is killing me.

Saute onions, garlic, and carrots.  remove from pot.

I bought chicken thighs.  Other parts can be used as well.
 Remove fat and anything else you might find  you don't wanna eat.

Sprinkle a little flour on both sides.  Salt and pepper also.

Brown both sides, don't crowd the pot.

Put the onions and garlic back in the pot.  Add fresh thyme and sage.

It doesn't look much different but I added a little flour and cooked it down.

Add carrots and chicken back in the pot and add just enough liquid to cover everything.
Cook about 1 hour on a slow boil.

After cooking remove chicken. Add heavy cream, and frozen peas.

Let the chicken cool a bit so you can handle it
break it in to pieces,  not to small.   Remove the bones and any additional fat that you might find.

For the dumplings i cheated and bought Pillsbury Grands biscuits.  The flaky ones and cut them into quarters.  Cook like pasta, for about 12-14 min pushing them down every few minutes.  Close to the end add the chicken back in to heat it back up.  I also cooked some biscuits in the oven to eat with the meal. 

just so you can see what i used.

and of course i forgot to take the final picture.  it was delicious!!

1-2 Onions diced
4-8 Cloves of garlic diced
4 small Carrots diced
Optional Celery diced (i don't like it so sometimes i add some celery salt for the effect)
Olive oil

Chicken thighs or other parts
Salt and Pepper

Fresh Thyme 
Fresh Sage
A little more flour

3 hand fulls of Baby carrots
6 Cups Chicken broth

Cook for 1 hour on a slow boil

1 pint of Heavy cream
1 cup of frozen peas
4 raw biscuits Quartered

Cook 15 minutes more

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