Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super duper super bowl ribs!!!

So tonight was the Super bowl!!  I don't care about the game I just care about whats for dinner.  So ribs were on the menu for tonight.  My famous ribs.  I buy them from B.j.'s, dry rub them and let them rest over night and then in the oven for a few hours.  The house starts to smell good and before you know it, it's time.  This morning I went to the Pinecrest Gardens market, I got some fresh local grown corn, carrots and tomatoes.  

This is how I buy them, 2 racks come in the pack.  Clean off any excess fat.

Place then on a sheet of foil on a baking sheet.

This is my spice rub mix.  Recipe to follow.

Thats me rubbing my ribs.  both sides.

wrap with foil, if rack is too big use extra foil.  Should be wrapped up nice and tight to keep the steam in.

Ready to go in the fridge.  Over night is best.  Take out of fridge an hour or more before its time to put them in the oven.

I use bbq sauce and some kind of fruit juice and dilute it with some water.

Add about a cup of liquid to each and rewrap.

Nice fresh veggies.

Heirloom tomatoes.

I like the dark ones.

Added some extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and oregano.

Roasted fresh carrots.

Out of the oven.

Spice rub:
Brown sugar
White sugar
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Smoked paprika
Sweet paprika
Celery salt
Ground sage
Ground bay leaves
Ground mustard
Cayenne pepper
Chili powder
I don't really measure, I just put it all in a jar and shake it up.  I did list in order of quantity.

will also need 
1/4 cup of bbq sauce
1/2 cup fruit juice.  i use a mango, passion, orange juice but I hear apple is good too.
1 1/4 cup water

Make spice rub and rub ribs thoroughly, wrap with foil and let rest over night.  Take out of the fridge 1 or more hours before they are set to go in the oven.  Add liquid and seal well.  Cook at 300 for the first hour.  Don't open the door.  Then reduce heat to 250.  Since i was making 2 racks I rotated them every hour.  Cook for about 4 hours total.  Drain the liquid and cut into separate ribs.  You should need a fork to eat the ribs. 

I par boiled them first for about 8 min then cooled in ice water.  split them in half, a little olive oil and salt and pepper and roast in oven till cooked through.  

Heirloom tomatoes
Olive oil
lemon juice

Also made corn on the cob.

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