Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Madness!!

So May has been a crazy month!!  Lots of busy weekends.  Not my usual cooking routine.  

Had a few friends over at the beginning of the month, made an apple brined pork shoulder

the corn cutters


This is just a standard dinner at my house.  Chicken, carrots and brown rice.

I made Carnitas a few nights later, added some leftover corn from the pork dinner.

For mothers day we had my parents and my brother over for lunch. Argentinian parrilla style!!!

Salchicha, Chorizos, Morcilla, Tira and Vacio.
There was also Mollejas and Porvoleta. 

Of course it started raining just in time for us to throw the food on the grill.  And stopped just in time for us to be done.  

                              Sean's opinion of the rain                                

Mom made dessert.  The top is apple strudel, the bottom is a delicious chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cream cake .

Then came the week of my birthday.  I went down to a special seafood market and got some blue crab, they keep them in an old boat, you scoop them up in to a paper bags and they weigh them out for you.  I took them home and had a fun time trying to get them in the pot.


I cooked them in beer and old bay, this one didn't want to let go.  And more corn on the cob.  Amazing lunch.

 Then for dinner I had a rib eye steak and topped it with crab meat.  I made some roasted artichokes to go with.

Friday Sean and I went to Sawa's with my parents and some friends of theirs.  they serve Mediterranean/Japanese food.   The food was excellent and the entertainment was outstanding.

 My mom loves to dance and takes belly dancing classes, the performer is also her dance instructor

                                                                                  My beautiful mom and her dance instructor.

I wanted to make a strawberry cake for my Birthday.  I used a box mix white cake and added some fruit preserves and swirled it around.

I sliced some strawberries and whipped some cream and layered it up.

this was very yummy, very light and fresh.

The next few months might get a little crazy too.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, hopefully good news to come.

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